Why I Started This Blog

If I’m posting something on this blog, it’s going to be about jazz or it’s going to be about photography. Most of the time, it’ll be about both.

The concept for this blog came from an almost obsessive binge reading of photographer David Hobby’s blog, Strobist. It’s addicting. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, his blog is practically a comprehensive guide on how to use off-camera flash. In one series of articles on his site, Mr. Hobby talks about what to do after you’ve learned all this stuff. I began really thinking about it. I love photography and I love music. How do I put them together?

Since landing steady employment as a musician (who knew?) I have been able to focus a little time on some hobbies. Photography arose to the forefront pretty quickly and I’ve been hooked. This blog serves as a way for me to showcase my photography while also documenting the great musical talent in this area.

TwinsThat being said, I am a full-time trumpet player, composer, arranger, and, last but not least, a father of twins. So I won’t be flooding this site with content, but it will be consistent because I am passionate about this. I don’t want to set time limits on when I post or how much I post but I do expect to post one artist profile per month (-ish). There are hundreds of great jazz musicians floating around this town and I want to get to them.┬áIn addition, I’ll be posting technical behind-the-scenes articles about the artist profile shoots.

What other content can you expect? I’m not sure right now, but I can promise you it’ll be about jazz or it’ll be about photography.

Or both.


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