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Artist Profile Series:

Ian McColm

Joe McCarthy

Jonathan Parker

Luke Brandon

Tim Stanley

How it Was Shot Series:

HIWS: Brian Betz

HIWS: Double Diffusion

HIWS: Fixing Bad Light

HIWS: Gear Page

HIWS: Ian McColm

HIWS: Joe McCarthy

HIWS: Jonathan Parker

HIWS: Luke Brandon

HIWS: Portable Off-Camera Flash

HIWS: Quick Portrait, Portable Lighting

HIWS: Single Speedlight Technique

HIWS: Site Logo

HIWS: Taming the Sun with Speedlights

HIWS: Tim Stanley

HIWS: Two Quick Portraits

HIWS: Website Self-Portrait

On a Budget Series:


On the Road Series:

Backstage Portraits, Part 1

Backstage Portraits, Part 2

Backstage Portraits, Part 3

Kevin McDonald for Vic Firth


Ramblings Ponderings:

A Few Thoughts About the Listening Audience (and a Question)

More Thoughts on Why This Blog

Ode to a 50mm Lens

One Year and Self-Critique


Why I Started This Blog

Self-Critique Series:

One Year and Self-Critique (Intro)

Portrait of Tim Stanley

Sound Engineers

Guest Posts:

“Subject Matters” by Kevin Burns